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Students Exchange Programme

With the onset of the signing of M.O.U. with the University of North Carolina, two batches from their university had visited Yenepoya (Deemed to be University) following which two batches from Yenepoya (Deemed to be University) had visited the University of North Carolina for the purpose of education and training. Three exchange programme has been conducted so far under Dr. Sandeep Shetty (Professor, YDC) as coordinator of the programme, and

Dr. Sumitha Ahmed as the coordinator from NCU.

In July 2018 Dr. Sandeep Shetty( Professor Y.D.C) has been Appointed as Adjunct Assistant Professor in U.N.C Dental school Chapel Hill, U.S.A

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While as in March 2019 under leadership and guidance of DR. B.H. SRIPATHI RAO, Yenepoya Dental College signed an M.O.U with the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Which looks promising in the future for student and faculty exchange with respect to clinical and research collaborations.




In the month of May 2019, the exchange programme between Yenepoya Dental College and the University of North Carolina was carried out. Two of the undergraduate students from Yenepoya Dental College, Fauwaz Faizal and Diya Pradeep, had stayed for seven days in the city of Raleigh, part of North Carolina state. Dr. Sumitha Nazar Ahmed coordinator of the student exchange program from the university of north Carolina helped organize the exchange programme and made our students feel welcomed by the continuous hospitality shown towards them.

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                                                     Undergraduate students from Yenepoya Dental College with Dr. Sumitha Nazar from UNC

Over the course of their stay, the first few days consisted of getting a tour of the institution, learning about advanced materials and techniques that have been incorporated into their facilities, also having the opportunity to attend full lectures along with the third year dental undergraduates, and even being able to observe a private clinical practice from a different and new perspective. As well as engaging in academic experiences, our students were also shown around the town and dined in the towns restaurants and were lucky enough to attend a baseball game

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The following days of their visit were even more fruitful; Fauwaz and Diya attended the UNC institutions  clinical classes, getting hands-on experience with a crown and veneer preparation course on typhodonts, increasing their outlook on dentistry by a lecture on ‘Advanced Dentistry’ with Dr. Terry Donavan (pioneer in advance operative Dentistry & prosthodontics), getting to observe and assist residents of the same field. To end the trip with even more enrichment of skills and knowledge, a course on Ceramic Inlays And Onlays, Gold Crown Prep On Posterior Teeth &Advanced Impression Recording Technique (Digital Scanning) was attended by our students.

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The exchange programme gave a different encouraging outlook towards dentistry to our students, throwing light into advanced materials, techniques and equipment, improving their skills and knowledge with hands on courses and demonstrations, and even absorbing the new cultures and experiences that the UNC exchange programme had to offer.