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The vision of department of Prosthodontics is to impart top quality education to UGs and PGs and prepare the students to be dentists and prosthodontists with proper scientific and ethical values thus resulting ultimately in dental health care of highest quality for the patients.

The departmental mission is to transform our vision into reality through achieving excellence in teaching, introduce innovative teaching methods, evolve effective and impartial evaluation methods, encourage research attitudes among students and the teachers, and make available the best of treatment for the patients.

1. To Impart quality dental education for the undergraduate and speciality training to post graduate students
2. Encourage development of research attitude in UG and PG students.
3. Training the UG students to acquire basic skills in various diagnostic methods and treatment aspects of Prosthodontics.
4. Advanced training to PG students to acquire diagnostic skills and treatment skills in advanced Prosthodontic techniques.
5. All round research and development activities in the department.
6. Availability of basic to advanced treatment facilities for the patients.
7. To be known as the best developed department among all the institutions in India

1. Effective and innovative teaching methods for the UGs and PGs.
2. Small research activities to be undertaken by the UGs.
3. Small and long term research activities to be undertaken by the PGs.
4. Evidence based learning in the clinical practice.
5. Introduction of innovative methods for teaching.
6. Introduction of Problem Based Learning at UG and PG levels.
7. Self learning through seminars.
8. Effective evaluation system for the students performance.
9. Acquire contemporary equipment and materials for availability of basic to advanced treatment to the patients.
10. Be host to local and national seminars in subject and host conferences in the subject under the ambit of the university
11. Encourage research activities among the teachers.
12. Relevance of learning experience: Direct or indirect relevance of learning experience to the human beings is stressed.
13. Meaning orientation: Knowledge and skills are learnt understanding. Different parts are interlinked to a better practical understanding.
14. Realistic learning: Professional skills are taught under real life conditions. Community based learning is encouraged as the hospital exposes the student to a selected sample of disease problems.
15. Facilitative instructional sequence; Learning process is proceeded from simple to complex.


Academics Courses Offered :
BDS, MDS, PhD, Implantology

Short term courses:
• IMPLANTOLOGY Certification course


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