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Oral Pathology

Goals and Objectives     

  •     Promote oral health awareness among general population and prevent oral diseases.
  •     By participating in camps conducted by the department of community dentistry and educating the general public about various oral diseases such as oral cancer, dental caries, periodontal    disease etc. through        talks, audio visual presentations, charts, models etc.
  •     To facilitate learning and help the student gain sufficient knowledge on the development, structure and function of orofacial tissues and diseases of the orofacial region so that the student gains sound foundation        to understand the common dental diseases and institute most appropriate treatment.
  •     By combining traditional teaching techniques with innovative teaching method, and promoting student centered learning .Special attention  on students who have difficulties in learning is placed.
  •     To ensure that students have gained adequate knowledge, periodic evaluation is done.
  •     Disseminate adequate knowledge of diseases affecting the orofacial region and importance of etiology and pathogenesis of oral diseases.
  •     Imparting thorough knowledge and skill in evaluating clinical findings, ability to carry out and interpret various investigative procedures to establish definitive diagnosis and institute proper treatment.
  •     To assist the clinician in providing better treatment plan by providing accurate histopathological diagnosis.
  •     By critically analyzing the histopathological features and combining it with the clinical data to arrive at most appropriate diagnosis of oral & maxillofacial diseases within the shortest possible time.
  •     To carry out the research activities related to oral diseases to develop newer diagnostic techniques for early diagnosis of oral cancer and pre-cancer and also add knowledge component to existing knowledge.
  •     By carrying out quality research, by applying for funded projects and bringing out more publications in the departments


Courses Offered              


Bachelor of Dental Surgery(BDS), Masters of Dental Surgery(MDS), Ph.D, Add On Courses for Interns


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