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Dental Materials

Goals and Objectives :

  • To train I and II BDS students in Dental Materials in theory and practicals.
  • To assist PG students in their dissertation.
  • Developing a fully-fledged research wing in Dental Biomaterials.
  • To provide adequate knowledge of all materials used in dentistry to undergraduate students.
  • To provide required guidance to the U.G. candidates in their research projects
  • To assist Ph.D. candidates.
  • To test and critically asses the mechanical properties of materials.
  • To conduct and encourage independent research projects.

Establishment : 1999


  • This unique department intends to develop apart from regular academic programs, world-class research facilities, and activities for testing of all dental, and other biomaterials used in various specialities of dentistry and medical sciences, innovating indigenous quality materials and also assisting undergraduates, postgraduates, and Ph.D. candidates of Yenepoya Universities and nearby institutions in the field of research.


  • Academic activities are directed to obtain socially committed professionally dedicated, technically and intellectually competent, research-oriented dental clinicians and technicians, by the following intentions
  • To understand the evolution and development of the science of dental material.
  • To explain the purpose of course in dental materials to personnel concerned with the profession of dentistry.
  • To understand and explain the physical, chemical, and biomechanical requirements of the particular restorative procedure.
  • Laying down standards or specifications of various materials to guide to manufacturers as well as to help professionals.
  • Search for newer and better materials that may answer our requirements with greater satisfaction.
  • To understand and evaluate the claims made by manufacturers of dental materials.


Facilities available:

Universal Testing Machine

  • Used for measuring mechanical properties and their variations of all materials used in Dentistry, Polymers, Composites, Metals, Alloys, Ceramics, Ortho Wires, Dye Materials, Fibers sheets, thin films, etc., by applying three types of forces (compression, tension, and shear)
  • The machine provided with 2 load cells – 200kg (micro tensile bond strength), and 2000kg.

Hardness tester - VHN

  • Used to study the characterization of surface properties like surface hardness by indentation method

Planetary Ball milling machine- Nanoparticles preparation

  • Humidity chamber
  • Disc polishing machine for metallurgical sample preparation
  • Autoclave
  • Sieve shaker (Manual and electrical)
  • Muffle furnace – Digital with PID controller
  • Air oven – with heating capacity 500 degrees C
  • Travelling microscope
  • Calipers and screw gauge


Reach Us
Call: 0824 – 2206000 (Extn. 1071