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Dental Materials

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Department Name: Dental Materials

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Extension No.:1071

Name of Clerical Staff & Contact No.: Laveena Dsouza , 7899563622


About the Department

Goals and Objectives     :

  • To train I and II BDS students in Dental  Materials in theory and practical’s.
  • To assist PG student in their dissertation involving Dental  Materials.
  • Developing fully fledged research wing in Dental Biomaterials.
  • To provide adequate knowledge of all materials used in dentistry to undergraduate students.
  • To provide required guidance to the U.G. candidates in their research projects
  • To assist the  post graduate candidates in their dissertation- projects and discussions of  related theoretical aspects 
  • To provide assistance to Ph.D., candidates in their projects.
  • To test and critically asses mechanical properties of materials.
  • To conduct and encourage independent research projects.


  • Establishment                 :1999
  • Infrastructure  :Total built up area : 9037sq.ft
  • Facilities available

1.    Material testing laboratory

  1. Universal testing machine

Used for measuring mechanical  properties and  their variations of all materials used in Dentistry, Polymers, Composites, Metals, Alloys, Ceramics, Ortho Wires, Dye Materials, Fibers etc. 

  1. Hardness tester   -  VHN and KHN
  • Is used to study the characterization of surface properties like
  • Vicker’s, Knoop’s diamond point hardness testing of all materials.


  • Courses Offered              :



Bachelor of Dental Surgery(BDS), Ph.D.


  • Courses taught : BDS
  • Teaching Methodology   :
  • To identify the thrust areas for research with the active participation of faculty members and the students.
  • To motivate the staff to achieve goals of improving teaching skill.
  • Inter departmental teaching programs
  • E-learning for 2nd BDS, 3rd BDS    
  • Microteaching
  • Group Discussions, Micro Teaching
  • Special lectures by  distinguished  adjunct  faculty.
  • Academic Calendar




May 2018

II BDS 3rd internal exam


Dec 2018

II BDS 1st  internal exam


January 2019

I BDS 1st internal exam


February 2019


II BDS 2nd  internal exam













Clinical Activities



Programs organized by the departments

CDE and Hands on workshop  with Universal testing machine and Hardness tester: on 9/10/2017  - first of kind in India

  • Three guest lectures on characterization and toxicity of Biomaterials.
  • Hands on workshop by using above instruments.
  • Total no of participant – 108

    72 external PGs , Researchers and staff.


Outreach and community services

  • Unique museum of Dental Biomaterials

There are museums in every branches of science and technologies as well as in many other fields of fine arts, sculpture, etc., serving the societies in acquisition of deeper knowledge. However, no serious attempts have been made to establish such museums in dental sciences. The aim of this article is to create awareness of the importance of the museums in the dental institutions and to provide resource for research in

different specialties. The objective is to expose our unique experiences in this area which helped the students to improve their knowledge of the dental sciences and the public dental health awareness. The methods adopted were collection of large numbers of samples, fabrications of models, charts, etc., for teaching curriculum and public education and presenting them with suitable classifications. Results of this vast effort and pains taken are very much appreciated and encouraged by the visiting dentists, dignitaries, school children, and the public. Museums of dental materials should be inseparable parts of the dental teaching institutions and are very essential for the dental students and educating the societies on dental health awareness.

Reference from article : B. H. Sripathi Rao , V. Shama Bhat , B. T. Nandish, K. Jayaprakash, Sowmya Rao.

Museums of Materials Used in Dentistry: Our Experience and Literature Review. Arch Med Health Sci . 2016;4:267-70.


Feedback and suggestions

  • Feedback taken from all the Stake Holders

Stake Holders are BDS Students.